A complete point of sale solution from the industry pioneer

With so many options when it comes to point of sale systems, how do you make the right choice? It’s easy with Squirrel Professional, the complete hospitality management solution from point of sale pioneer Squirrel Systems. Our customers are priority number one — whether it’s developing technology and features that make your foodservice operations more efficient, or making sure we’re always available to give you the very best in service and support. Contact us today to find out more!

Customized to fit your needs

We understand every business is different. Your POS system should work for your specific needs, whether you have a single unit or a chain of hundreds of locations. Squirrel Professional is flexible, scalable, and modular for a customized solution that’s right for you.

Improve your bottom line

The right POS system helps manage your business, from eliminating errors between your servers and kitchen staff to providing reports that let you compare the popularity of menu items. By giving you the information you need to make smarter business decisions, Squirrel Professional can help you control costs and drive revenue!